Pre_order: Metal Dub by Jah Schulz
Metal Dub by Jah Schulz premiered in a Session which was hosted by Dubatriation Soundsystem at the 20th January 2020 in Dijon (FR). After the postive resonance and the uplifting experience, Jah Schulz and the Railroad Records Crew decided to release this dub. The date of release is set to the 20th July. You can preorder the 7″ via the distributor: Buyreggae
There is a exclusive free download from the first part of the dub via Culture Dub: „Heavyweight Dub Steppa for Sound System powerful and militant that will put you on your feet while waiting for the return of the sessions, to be downloaded for free, Play it Loud!“

»Right Time – Right Dub« Album by Jah Schulz out now

BRANDNEW VINYL ALBUM released in March 2020

1. Break the Chains (Dub) w/ Sista Kaya (lyr, voc), Krisreggae (git)
2. Dub Medicine
3. Chanting Dub w/ Donovan Kingjay (voc), Carsten Netz (flute, sax)
4. Dub Through Darkness – Jah Schulz meets Di Captain
5. The Dub Mafia Has Returned
6. This Must Be Dub w/ Carsten Netz (flute)

Release Dance 21.3.20 @YART, Stuttgart


Karsten Frehe (Irieites): „At the moment, Jah Schulz’s releases are going full steam ahead! […] You have to have so much love and enthusiasm for vinyl first. The choice of the medium alone deserves respect from all involved. And for the music, of course! […] Beware: the hypnotic beats can go straight to the brain and can befuddle without drugs.“

Basscomesaveme: „On Right Time, Right Dub there are six heavy dub versions on the ears. A little pity that the trip was so short. With almost 30 minutes playing time there would have been something possible. So we play the thing again from the beginning and let us take us back to the echo chamber of Jah Schulz.“

Alex Dub (Culture Dub): „On this new vinyl 12″ Jah Schulz shows us in 6 mixes his ability to compose rhythmics with different inspirations with frequencies of exceptional beauty and arrangements that make each track come alive… Never get bored! A mastery of the console and a control of the effects for quality Dub, in the pure tradition of the masters of the genre…“

René Wynands (riddim Mag #100/Dubblog): „With Jah Schulz we have one of the best steppers producers of all – in Stuttgart. You can listen to his new album: „Right Time – Right Dub“. As usual straight hardcore steppers, massive, brutal, overwhelming. […] Whereby the impression should not be created here that the Dubs are stupid stomping. Absolutely not. The right time for the right Schulz dub can also be sunday mornings on the sofa. Then it is not so much a physical as a cognitive experience, because Schulz’s productions also offer plenty of input for conscious, analytical listening. In short: Right Dub – at any time.“

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